Fireplace windows

Innovative designs

Glass ceramic viewing panels offer an intimate view of your wood heater or gas heater, while creating ambience in your home. With the sheer variety of window designs and printing patterns, it’s easy to be inspired by endless possibilities.

Colour, decorative elements and metallic design effects all add visual interest. SCHOTT ROBAX® colours used on glass ceramics are environmentally friendly, and resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. Popular colours include polar white and amber gold, as well as shades of grey, black, red and brown.

Revolutionary technology

Wood heaters and gas heaters featuring SCHOTT ROBAX® ceramic glass allow for heat radiation created in the combustion chamber to pass through, filling your room with pleasant warmth.

Advanced glass ceramic production methods provide limitless fireplace window shapes, with flat, curved, angular, and custom-cut options. There’s even a fireplace window with an opening angle of 270 degrees for luxury design stoves.