Wood Heater & Gas Heater Benefits

Beautiful ambience

Fireplaces are the heart of any home. The sight of flames flickering in the hearth speaks of relaxation, conversation and wellbeing. Wood heaters and gas heaters also bring a beautiful designer element to any room, enhancing interiors with a range of timeless stylish solutions. There is a great fireplace for every location, inside and outside the home. 

Efficient heating

Enclosed wood heaters and gas heaters are more fuel-efficient than open fires, burning more cleanly with controlled airflow and combustion gases. Early enclosed fires, like furnaces and potbelly stoves, used metal and the flames couldn’t be seen. SCHOTT ROBAX® solved this age-old problem by developing a ceramic glass which can withstand extreme heat and provide a window into the heart of the flames.

Safe and cosy

An enclosed fireplace with a ceramic window provides safety as well as comfort. SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramic windows offer an intimate view of your fire, while protecting your family from flames, sparks and combustion gases. 

Energy savings

Ever since energy prices have risen, people have been rediscovering an age-old solution: wood heaters. As an efficient source of heat for your home, wood heaters and wood fireplaces can save money on energy bills and use ecologically sustainable fuel (unlike oil and gas). Sustainably harvested wood is a climate-neutral fuel.