wOOd is gOOd!

17 Mar 2015  |  Fireplaces  |  emag  |  Firewood


 ... to show off!

A wood fire is a beautiful thing and eco-friendly as well, due to the small carbon footprint of wood fuel. But storing the wood has caused some issues over time – where to put it? Stacking it outside the house…

or transforming the stack into a clever and beautiful installation.

f92be9e9720242b3df25a42dbf758902but also bringing the wood inside and re-creating the way we manage it.

This beautiful Italian interior uses the wood stack as a feature wall.

Taking different forms and shapes the wood stack becomes wall decoration.

And on a grand scale, the designer celebrates the simplicity of natural materials, geometric shapes and organized tools in this beautiful dividing wall (photo by Jeremy Bittermann for The New York Times).

But the many ways we can store wood expands with imagination as it becomes integrated, inbuilt and re-invented (Scandinavian and Spanish design, photos: left by Elisabeth Heier and right by Chimeneas Quento).

The hearth can be extended by a curve or a flat surface or it can be framed or boxed.

All these fireplaces are enclosed by glass making them cleaner, greener and safer. SCHOTT ROBAX® glass windows increase the burning efficiency by around 35% ... .. an all round winner.

Happy Heating!!!