See-through fires give you double the impact

21 Jan 2015  |  Built in fireplace

Open living spaces are an important part of modern house design. We like to feel connected with each other and our surroundings – no walls, open views and a sharing of space. 

Having this openness can create difficulties because we also need walls for our furniture, we need some privacy and we need to zone off parts of the living areas for different functions. 

Atmosfire blog 4 b

Some very clever appliances take this concept of sharing and build on it. Two sided fireplaces share the warmth and the beauty of the fire with different living areas while simultaneously providing privacy and wall space. The SCHOTT ROBAX® ceramic glass provides gloriously large windows, but with the energy efficiency and safety that great German engineering can bring. 

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The fireplace itself can allow really interesting design possibilities as each part can be both practical and beautiful. Above, the Jetmaster fire and hearth creates a wall, the flue becomes a strong vertical element and the open space becomes shelving or a doorway. 

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Alternatively, as with the beautiful Coonara Clearview, an existing wall can be opened up to become a window – sharing the magic of the flames with another living area. This is a smart, cost effective solution for both heating and design. 

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Wood fires are also possible – about we have a traditionally styled Jarrahdale wood fire heating and indoor and an outdoor space at the beautiful Chain of Ponds Winder in the Adelaide hills.

Atmosfire blog 4 f

Above a similar concept but a more modern styling, the large SCHOTT ROBAX® ceramic glass windows gives a brilliant view of the flames on both sides, while ensuring a clean burning fire and safety from the sparks. 

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In Point Lonsdale where a Chazelle doublesided woodfire becomes the focal point of the large open living room in this energy conscious design from Baenziger Coles. 

Atmosfire blog 4 h

Finally, another clever Jetmaster gas fire, the flue is hidden in the architecturally design frame creating a window and some privacy in this modern kitchen.