Retro trends on fire

4 May 2016  |  Fireplaces  |  trends  |  retro

One of 2016’s hot trends is definitely 'Retro' and it has spread to produce some remarkable fireplace designs.  Beautifully re-imagined fireplace exteriors conceal very modern and effective appliances.

While "retro" can mean a vintage look, the current “modern” retro takes its stylistic influences from the late 1970s through the 90s. metro ambie plus white 461

Metro, the great New Zealand fireplace manufacturer, came early to the retro look with their Ambi series. 

Selling in both Australia and New Zealand, this clever, clean design suits the modern interior with its simple styling.



In Europe and the US it's about color as well as shape.

design fireplaces 993CCOLFF 993 marina centrale ff color fDesigner Jonathan Adler of eponymous US interiors brand says:

'It's theatrical, it's camp… and I love it.' 

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composition retro fires

And the more color and shape the better!


Wood Fires have been re-imaged for both functionality and style

ebf41be48c2f1ab306eea26895c30764 but also ethanol fires have a re-style - round lines and bright colors reign.


Bringing the past into the future, with a terribly modern heart, these clean burning beauties brighten up our homes.


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...Stay warm!