Playing with fire

22 Jan 2015  |  Fireplaces

There’s something inside us that longs to sit beside a crackling fire. It spells warmth, companionship and safe haven.

Playwithfire 2

There is nothing like the real thing, but not all of us can have a wood fire, or have the time or inclination to deal with one.

 Playwithfire 3

For those time-poor, flick-of-a-switch people there’s the gas log fire, because for every blank wall, difficult space, dark corner or sad neglected open fireplace there’s a smart, efficient and beautiful solution in gas.

 Playwithfire 4

With logs, rocks, apps, and designer flames there is something for every taste and technological level, everything your flick-of-a-switch heart desires.

 Playwithfire 5

The gas fire has come of age, bringing beauty, high efficiency and modern technology to that age old desire to gather around the fire.

Playwithfire 6

Playing with fire was never so satisfying, or so safe. Many thanks to Cannon for the inspirational images.