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30 Jun 2015  |  Fireplace  |  Building Award

Inside every award winner there's ... a fire

Every year national architecture and building organisations run competitions and award prizes the best projects of the previous year.
atmosfire has looked at some of the more important awards and we are proud to see that inside many award winning buildings, there's a fireplace. 

It has long been known that fireplaces add value to any property and provide an efficient and fabulous form of heating. It's also seen to be true that fireplaces add to the value of the property and make it easier to sell.

Hanging for emag new

“Around 60% of my clients are now requesting a fireplace. It’s a very easy addition which brings warmth and charm to a space, and adds both livability and monetary value to any home.  Sustainable harvested wood used in airtight, slow combustion wood fireplaces provides terrific energy efficiency and reduces costs.”

explains Lachlan Gales of the award winning Ovens & King Builders.

Building Australia

2014 National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards - MASTER BUILDERS Australia

The 2014 National Awards were presented at a ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra on 21 November 2014.

Touchstone constructions

Chris Bligh, architect at Bligh Graham Architects, explains why incorporating a modern fireplace into home designs creates both aesthetic charm and is a functional asset to a living space:

“Often the fireplace becomes the ‘hero’ of the living space not through stylistic dominance but in a more reticent way through the captivating nature of the flame and its ability to incite the social interaction so often lost in a room where the TV is the hero”.

Ri Resy

Congratulations to Touchstone Constructions for the award winning project of MASTER BUILDER OF THE YEAR 2014  and look at the beautiful fireplace adding charm to the living space!

Architecture Awards


  • The 2015 Shortlist has now been released. 

  • The Exhibition of Entries runs until 8 June in the Atrium at Federation Square. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

  • Presentation Dinner tickets sales close 12 June if not sold out prior.Book online.

Congratulations to all shortlisted entrants!

2015 victorian architecture awards

Over the coming weeks atmosfire will be showcasing the award winners for this year.

Stay Warm!