Hanging Fire Stars

21 Jan 2015  |  Built in fireplace  |  Stand alone fireplaces

Fantastic locations inspire truly great architectural responses and the hanging fireplace seen above with SCHOTT ROBAX® glazing, occupies an important role in the design and function of an energy efficient and cutting edge interior.

In this edition we present two outstanding installations, one in Victoria, Australia and the other one in Torres Vedras, Portugal. How architects value the versatile hanging fireplace in spectacular houses where the harsh climate  (wind and temperature) of the particular landscape of its location, is counterbalanced by this unique shape of heat. 

Atmosfire blog 3 c

An iconic fireplace for an iconic house

The Pole House located at Fairhaven beach, is a familiar sight on the drive down the Great Ocean Road. Built in 1976 by engineer and architect Frank Dixon, it’s a popular stop­off for those interested in architecture (or just interested in beautiful things) due to its stunning design, suspended on a pole 40 meters above the beach. 

"A perfect visual counterpoint to the house’s design, and centerpiece in the new interior, will be Focus’ Ergofocus hanging fireplace, positioned in front of expansive ocean views." in OBLICA, the exclusive home of Focus, makers of the most beautiful contemporary designer fireplaces on the market. 

Atmosfire blog 3 bCasta Varatojo 

Perched atop a hill in the Portuguese town of Torres Vedras, Casa Varatojo is a striking residence designed by Lisbonbased architect Atelier Data, for a family of 4, by Catarina Almeida Brito; photo: Richard John Seymour