Fiery Choices - the practical checklist

15 Jun 2016  |  Fireplaces  |  Tips

Why wait longer to have that fireplace and be cosy inside right now?

Nothing beats a flickering fire when the weather turns cold and wet. Tucked up inside, feet up, with a hot cup of tea, we all love the fact it is too unpleasant to go outside – life is so good by the fire.

1126So, you want a fire now that it’s turned cold, but there’s the dilemma – what is best  - a wood fire or a gas one?

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There are a great number of options with gas and wood – everything from the old pot belly to triple sided designer glass numbers. Eithergas or wood will give you a great design range to choose from.

The key to the decision is much more practical.



Wood fires are great if:

  • You love the crackle and pop of real flames

  • You have space for a wood stack

  • You have a large house to heat - greater capacity to heat than gas

  • You want a sustainable energy resource – wood is renewable

  • You love the process of building a good fire

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Gas fires are great if:

  • You are time poor and want heat at a flick of a switch

  • You want the control of setting the temperature

  • Gas is available in the house

  • You are in an apartment block

  • You have a smaller space to heat

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    Your best decision is to get good advice. Go to a dedicated fireplace retailer and ask them for assistance. A really comprehensive list of retailers, along with more sound advice and a great tool for finding the right fireplace design can be found at

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