Award Winning Design beneath the sleeping volcano

21 Jan 2015  |  fireplaces  |  Stand alone fireplaces

Beneath the sleeping volcano, Mt Egmont, on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, lies the R&D and marketing intelligence of the award-winning Metro team. 

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Taking inspiration from the hot heart of the mountain, MD Darin Butler and his team, have morphed the humble wood stove into a retro, sculptural fireplace, funky and fabulously efficient, turning heads at the NZ Design awards where it achieved Bronze in Best Consumer Product Design. 

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“The new Ambience series is the result of a huge investment in the development of wood fire technology, and this wood fire is beating the pack in design, emissions and efficiency” said Mr. Butler. 

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The large SCHOTT Robax ® ceramic glass door is a breakthrough concept designed in partnership with SCHOTT, the German glass manufacturer, and allows the widest view of the flames, with greatly increased efficiency. 

“The ceramic glass front of the fireplace and the glossy paint surface are the important elements of the new look” said Mr. Butler. “The brief was tough to achieve, but SCHOTT Robax ® is a cleverly engineered glass and was able to deliver both the look and the difficult engineering requirements.” 

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And look at the fireplace Metro have developed – a sculptural modern shape, in glossy black or white, with that fabulous glass front. 

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It borrows shapes and monochromatic colour pallet from the 1960s but the cutting edge glass design and internal firebox technology are all 21st century – this is an award winning combination. 

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Congratulations to Darin Butler and the Metro team on bringing us a great new addition to our living spaces and on their richly deserved