1, 2, 3 Install and... relax!

12 May 2015  |  Installation  |  Built in fireplace  |  fireplaces  |  Fireplace  |  rinnai

1, 2, 3 Install and... relax!

Installing a fireplace during the building of a new home can be delicate moment.

It has long been a problem for builders because because appliances installed during the building process can end up getting damaged or scratched.

What to do?

atmosfire looked around among the fireplace manufacturers and found a clever solution at Rinnai.

The new gas log fire 950 is designed to be slid into place in the last stage of the building process.

Brent Vrdoljak, Product Manager at Rinnai Australia, explains:

"What makes this product simple to install is the fact that it is designed to be installed after plaster - the wall is framed, cavity cut out and plastered, leaving the rest of the installation to take place after lock-up of the new home. What also makes this a convenient installation is that after the gas line is run and the flue is in, the engine is pushed back into the cavity on wheels and the air hose connection and gas connection are made at the front."

The results of a fireplace research showed that there are some influential criteria when choosing a fireplace:

So if you’re looking for a highly efficient fireplace with beautiful flickering flames that isn't a hassle to install, check out the Rinnai 950. Relax, it’s a Rinnai!

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